Termite & Pest Inspections in Glenhaven

Pests can be a nightmare that never goes away. Depending on your location, there may be environmental factors at play that are causing this, such as living near car parks, nature reserves or train stations. Left untreated, they can cause the spread of germs and even damage the structural integrity of your home. Pest control can be hard to manage with at home remedies or DIY projects, meaning that in trying to get your termite problems under control there is a possibility that it is not working at all.

That’s why it’s important to get advice from professionals. At Pesticom, we are happy to provide general advice and offer no-obligation quotes to our customers.  If you suspect you have a termite or other pest infestation, we can perform inspections to locate the source of the problem and provide a full report advising on the best solution to treat them. If termites are found after our initial termite inspections, our team of professionals who specialise in pest control in Glenhaven will work with you to ensure your termite free dreams become a reality!

Treatments for termites and all types of pests available

We are Glenhaven’s experts in providing termite treatments for a variety of different pests. Whether your problem is rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ants or termites, we have the experience necessary to eradicate the problem. Termites, in particular, are our expertise. During our inspection, we can determine the type of termite species and ensure our treatments are designed to specifically eliminate them.

Don’t wait until you’ve completed construction of your new property to find out the site was infested with termites. Get in touch with our team today so we can begin pre-construction termite inspection checks and ensure that your new home will be termite free.Early detection and prevention: Conducting pest checks before construction begins allows for the early detection of any existing pest issues on the construction site. This enables prompt action to prevent pests from infiltrating the building during the construction process. There are many benefits to getting a termite inspection before building your dream home, including:


  • Cost savings: In addressing and identifying any potential termite problems early is key to preventing infestations and extensive damage both during and after the building of your home. Investing in a pre construction termite inspection has the potential to save you thousands in repair costs if a termite infestation were to occur. Due to the close proximity to bushland within Glenhaven, pre construction checks are vital to minimising the risk of termite infestation and the need for future termite control. 

  • Protection of the building structure: Various pest species such as carpenter ants and termites are some of the biggest threats to the integrity and strength of wooden components in a home, sometimes even beginning when the structure is initially built. Termite inspections prior to and during construction are vital preventative measures to ensure the structural integrity of your home isn’t compromised because of termites. 

  • Reduced health risks: Without appropriate termite treatments or inspections, pests can not only damage building structure but also pose a great risk to both human and animal health. Pests carry various diseases which can contaminate both food and surfaces, as well as increasing various allergy contents such as dust when destroying various home structures. Regular pest and termite inspections help identify and address these issues, minimising the risk of health problems associated with pests. 


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The team at Pesticom have been providing services to residents and commercial businesses of Glenhaven and surrounds, including Castle Hill, Bella Vista, and more, for over 20 years. Our expert technicians are fully trained and qualified to provide you with a high level of service, guaranteeing customer satisfaction every time.

If you have any questions for our team about our pest control services or the products we use in our treatments, please feel free to give us a call today. You can contact us by calling 0432 439 369, or alternatively you can fill out our online enquiry form or send an email to info@pesticom.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the information you require.