Termite Treatments

There are over 300 species of termites in Australia, but only a few that will damage sound wood. The CSIRO estimate that 1 in 3 houses in Australia will be attacked at some stage during their economic life.

Most people don't realise that annually, the cost of subterranean termite damage in Australia is estimated to be greater than that of fires, storms and floods combined and your home insurance doesn't cover this.

At Pesticom we know your home is important to you, and as termite specialists, we will find and treat termites leaving your home termite free, and more importantly, to ensure your home is protected from future attacks.

Let us rid you of your termite worries !!!!!



While chemical applications are available if required, Pesticom specialises in the use of baiting, to eliminate a termite colony or colonies, as well as monitor your property for future colonies. A queen can live for around 25 years and produce over 2000 eggs per day, a large nest could have over 1 million termites in it. The system Pesticom uses most often is called Nemesis.It contains Above-Ground bait stations and In-Ground monitoring stations for a complete termite management program.

How it works

Once a thorough inspection is carried, our technicians will have a better idea of where to place the Above- Ground bait boxes. These bait boxes contain an Insect Growth Regulator (NOT A CHEMICAL), which the termites consume and pass to the soldiers, workers and Queen through a system known as Trophallaxis. Termites don't realise the bait is effecting their ability to grow and develop, eventually causing death.

In-Ground monitoring stations are also placed in the ground every few meters to complete the program helping pick up termites as they forage through the soil. Regular monitoring of these stations every 6-8 weeks allows for early detection of foraging termites. If termites are found, bait is introduced and earlier inspections may be required to replenish the bait as the termites consume it.

Once colony elimination has been declared, Pesticom will begin the monitoring phase of the program. But rest assured, we'll still be keeping a close eye on your property.

The advantage of termite baiting is that you are assured once the colony has consumed enough bait the termite colony will be eliminated, unlike some chemical applications where you are only keeping termites out of your house and hoping that there are no areas where the termites can breach the barrier.

As every termite issue is different, our technicians will work towards eradicating the problem as quickly as possible. Some cases may take longer than others, but we will ensure that we keep you up to date on our progress.