Termite and Pest Inspections in the Kenthurst and Dural area


Are you troubled with the presence of pests around your property? Finding termites around your bushland? Whether you're finding the remains or evidence of termites and pests around your property, termites pose more than just an inconvenience to your family home. Termites and pests carry potential risks to both your property and the health of your family, making regular termite inspections one of the most important things you can do to protect your family. This is where Pesticom steps in, as the leading Pest Control specialists in the Dural and Kenthurst area, offering industry leading pest control services with some of Sydneys most experienced pest control technicians. Whether you are battling a war against termites and pests or taking extra precautions to protect your family, Pesticom is here to provide you with leading pest control services across the Kenthurst and Dural area. 


When it comes to termite and pest control, do it yourself solutions are not only time consuming and costly, but are also very ineffective in the long run at preventing and treating termite infestations. Due to the dry bushland that surrounds both Dural and Kenthurst, termites and various pests thrive in the climate, putting your homes more at risk to find pests making their way into the structures of your family home. With over 20 years of industry experience, the Pesticom team delivers industry leading termite treatment & inspections to create pest management plans that suit your home and the severity of your termite problem. Using eco-friendly pesticides and materials, you can forget pests ever tried to call your home theirs. Treating pest and termite infestations with do it yourself pesticides can do more harm than good to your home, with the effectiveness of these costly methods being next to none. Termites and pests if not properly controlled and managed can cause severe damage to the structure of your home and any large trees that reside close to home, increasing the risk of fallen trees and failing home structures. Investing in quality termite and pest control is the best way to preserve not only your home but also its value, minimising the development of any termite induced damage to your home. There are many reasons to have annual termite inspections, including:

  • Protecting your investment: Termite inspections are not just immediate pest control but are instead a regular investment into protecting the structure of your home. By detecting and addressing termite and pest infestations early, you can prevent costly structural damages to your home 

  • Maintaining structural integrity: Regular termite inspections ensure that your home’s structure and foundational elements remain intact, and preserves home value by preventing the deterioration that can occur when termites and pests invade your home

  • Enhancing market appeal: When it comes time to sell your Kenthurst or Dural property, having a history of regular pest inspections and a termite-free status can be a powerful selling point and lead to higher offers come sale day

  • Avoiding insurance hassles: Home insurance policies often exclude coverage on the protection of your home if termite damage occurs. By having annual termite inspections, you reduce the risk of insurance complications and hassles if something were to happen to the structure of your home 

  • Peace of mind: knowing that your property is regularly inspected and protected from termites and pests provides a high level of peace of mind for all homeowners. This emotional security is invaluable, both in terms of your homes long term value and how your family grows up in your home


The core of Pesticom's termite mission is to deliver comprehensive and effective termite management for all homeowners, guaranteed by our team of highly skilled and experienced termite technicians. Leaving no stone unturned during termite inspections, Dural and Kenthurst's leading pest inspectors address not only the issue of pests but also provide peace of mind to homeowners to ensure your family bushland sanctuary is protected year round. 


If you have concerns about pests or termites taking over your home, get in touch with the team at Pesticom today.  Call us on 0432 439 369 or Email info@pesticom.com.au