Top Tips

What to do if you think you've found termites?

Stop doing whatever it was that caused you to find the termites. Do not disturb the termites any further, as they will often retreat from the house and make treatment more difficult.

DO NOT SPRAY termites with fly spray or any other insect sprays. Specimens should be photographed or collected. Correct identification is imperative in determining how to treat the problem. Call your friendly Pesticom team for professional advice and to arrange an appointment to assess the problem. It is most important that the termites are left alone, as any disturbance will cause the termites to retreat and make treatment more difficult.

How do I termite proof my home?

There is no such thing as a completely termite proof home, but some simple steps can be taken to lower the risk of termite activity.


Our highly trained and qualified technicians at Pesticom will report whether termites are active or not and discuss the conducive conditions of your home and how to rectify them.

  • Timber in ground contact should be avoided at all costs.
  • Replace railway sleeper retaining walls with a termite resistant material (e.g. stone or concrete).
  • Timber posts and steps should be raised off the ground on metal stirrups.
  • Firewood should be raised off the ground preferably on bricks and metal sheets, NOT on timber boards.
  • Forming timbers under houses should be removed.
  • If the property is on a slab foundation, ensure all slab edges are exposed. If soil or paths cover over any areas, termites will gain entry with out you realising.
  • Ensure good drainage around the property. A licenced plumber should be consulted regarding any water leaks (e.g. showers, external taps). 
  • Ensure that the exterior level is well below the height of the damp course. 
  • Raised garden beds should be removed from external walls.
  • Just remember, vigilance is paramount in living termite free.